Remedial formulas

Mixed media installation, size various, 1014

The Minerals and herbals riches of Cyprus, is not just a matter of personal memory related to the deeply rooted therapeutic traditions of the island. She characterized her exhibit as a ''chaotic corner'' of a craftsman / alchemist's working bench, which through the use of miraculous herbs and therapeutic metals seeks not just the elixir for the health and longevity, but also a way to deeper redefine man's relationship with nature. The work is an installation (furniture/object), with different levels and incorporated casings intended to welcome the ores and herbs of the Cypriot island. Along with these natural materials, multiple pharmaceutical bottles which are salvaged from the Ottoman years but also from the period of the British Colonization, in different sizes colours, are a main element of the installation. These are the indications or collective testimonies of imported pharmaceutical substances from countries, mostly England, but also Spain which have developed relations with Cyprus in the medical and pharmaceutical field. For Marianna Constanti, the pharmaceutical vessels are the ''bodies'' which bear, or once before, the medicine/elixir for the rehabilitation of health, but they also function as a basic element of an ambiguous artistic construction which variably stimulates the human senses ( vision, smell, touch).

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