Video installation. Wooden table, plastic surface, chair, video projector, 75x60x78cm, 2005

On the surface of the wooden table, right in front of the place where the viewer is expected to position himself/ herself (chair), the 19 min video is pro- jected in repetition. Subject of interest is a pair of live size hands that scratch a series of instant lottery tickets of which the immediate result is observable. The projected hands consist the exten- sion of the viewers’ limbs since physical- ly he/she is placed relatively and gets psychologically involved of an action as such. The projected hands move at the projected ‘missing’ part of the table in a manic manner and almost in despair. Every 19 min. the possibility that might reform a situation is performed, that is when the signifier questions his/her bal- ance and let go to another dimension. The parallel sound of each movement allows further anxiety to the viewer.

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