Mother and chid


Marianna Constanti meticulously stages a pose of a mother with a child in her embrace, a contemporary correspondence to the chromatic and schematic ambience evoked by the icon of the Virgin Antiocheitissa, of the late fifteenth to the early sixteen century from Koilani. Her photographic lens she captures the reflection of the figures on the translucence of a moist mirror, which sweeps face features and descriptive details away, turning them into blurred, indefinite, timeless and spaceless entities in the borderline between the tangible and the intangible and transposing them into a sphere of transcendence, the evaporating and melting humidity resembles the miracle-working and tear shredding Greek Orthodox icons in a visual sanctification of motherhood and an allusion to the incessant transformation of matter, from solid to liquid and airy as the closest approximation to the passage from the earthy to the metaphysical and the divine.

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