Male Female

B&W photography + sepia tone, wood, 2002

Male and female stands autonomously but also perceived as one while each peace completes each other. Within the means of reconstruction and representation the human existent is described as a live-size jigsaw puzzle: a game where the fragmented image is deconstructed and controlled totally by the viewer. The philosophy of the game in relation with the realistic view of the human anatomy and the live-size scale allow the viewer to make a direct connection with the artwork. Each peace male, female is consisted by (9X3)-1, (8X3)-1 fragments accordingly 20X20cm each that shape each form. Each fragment moves to all directions something that complicates the reconstruction or the fragmented form but at the same time allows further readings. The familiar form of the male and female while reconstructed, becomes provocatively unfamiliar. Surprising the body and structure from legible becomes anarchic and uncontrolled. Playing with no limits, repeating and recreating new meanings engages the viewer.

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