facial excersise

Video projection, wooden screen, plastic surface, 160x170cm, 2005

Four women between the ages of 40-50 are projected on the glass surface of a wooden screen, in standing position and live size scale. The point of interest is the women’s faces, which draw the attention of the viewer with their anxious and repetitive movements. Each woman exists independently in her own frame but at the same time is part of a group that relates through time, necessity, insecurity and weakness. Each projected woman is in the vulnerable stage of a necessary transformation of which the body gets scared from time and time reassures the ephemeral. Each woman puts effort to extend her present physical condition. The projected result positions the viewer-observer facing a decoded language, almost like sign language, which sometimes seems hilarious next to what is perceived as normal. The screen becomes the instrument where emotions are revealed and everyday little personal moments are exposed. The screen converts into a mirror, a projector, and the point where the art piece assembles with the viewer.

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