Video installation. Mirrors, video projector, VCR, speakers 2002

The installation consists of 25+ circu- lar mirrors (diam. 20-25 cm) that are placed as a group on the floor. The im- age of transparent drops falling onto a water surface is projected having as a re- sult the fragmentation of the image to semi-circular autonomous projections on the surrounding space. Each drop keeps its individuality denying mixing with the rest of the fluid and floats on the surface. The sound of each drop is synchronised with its fall. The viewer becomes part of the installation, entering the illusion- ary condition on the boundaries of re- ality. The repetition of the visual and sound releases the viewer within time, from the anxiety of being. The cleans- ing is allowed through the acceptance of a different reality, which is not de- fined, by the ordinary way of thinking.

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