Chicken Pox

C-type photography, 20??

Her exploration in the current architec- tural aesthetics, bringing about abrupt and overwhelming changes in the Cypri- ot urban and rural landscape, is photo- graphically documented in illuminated boxes, alluding to advertising boards, where blocks of apartments, target- ing the influx of foreigners, are being marked as “sold”. This mushrooming of mass buildings is accompanied by an endless multiplication of red dots, the re- sult not of a digital processing, but of a site-specific act, performed by the artist herself, who has actually placed them on facades, walls and verandas, in accor- dance with space proportions, aiming at puzzling the passer-by at the sight of a city, suffering from chicken-pox and con- sequently entrapping its inhabitants in cells of isolation or box installations, frac- turing their personality, smashing their childhood memories and visions.

Dr. Nadia Anaxagorou

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