axel in motion

Kinetic sculpture-installation C-type photography, transparencies, aluminum, fishing-line 150x130x280cm, 2006

The human body exists in its physical vertical position, is fragmented in tiny parts and spread out to all possible di- rections. The external gets unfold and suspended shaping in a natural circular movement, momentary possibilities. Ev- ery single part is autonomous and to- tally essential for the entire result. The physical scale of every fragment and the whole, the positioning, diffusion and ro- tation, provoke the viewer to an inner occupation claiming a part in the piece. Axel in motion is a reminder of our regular internal occupation, which consists questioning, but also recon- firmation. The imposing presence of the total once again competes with the fragile quality of the fragmen- tary while repetition and fragmenta- tion provoke refutation or reassurance.

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